Gelechiid Recording Scheme


The Provisional Distribution Maps have been updated with all data received and processed up to the end of February 2015.

A new section, Data Received, has been added listing the data received from each Vice County in Britain.

We hope you like the new format of this site. At present there are a few minor glitches which we hope to have fixed before too long.

The Gelechiid Recording Scheme covers the 161 species in the family Gelechiidae (comprising 54 genera) recorded in the British Isles. It also, following common practise within recently published books, includes species recorded from the Channel Islands.

The aims of the Scheme are:

    • to encourage interest in, and recording of, gelechiid moths
    • to produce provisional species distribution maps at 10km level or better
    • to increase knowledge of this family's ecology and status to aid their conservation
    • to highlight areas where further research is needed



Full details of records contributed to the Gelechiid Recording Scheme may be shared with other moth recorders, Butterfly Conservation, County Moth Recorders, the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) and other Conservation linked organisations. The only exception will be where, after discussion with the data provider, it is felt release of precise location details would be inappropriate.